Saturday, March 9, 2013

Beer Stein of Yesterday

beer, stein, copic markers, sketch, drawing

The theme for this week's Illustration Friday is Yesterday.  Which got me thinking about my Great Grandpa's beer stein. True confessions?  Just between us friends? This isn't it.  His is large and has some complicated vine patterns on it.  And something in German, which I like to think is a drinking song.  I haven't looked it up, because sometimes what you think will be a good laugh turns out to be sad and depressing.  Like Little Brown Jug. If you don't know that one, don't look it up.  It's sad and depressing. Or maybe I don't get old timey humor.

Anyway, I sketched this stein (and colored with copic markers) because it was a little less complicated.  I know, I know.  I'm wimpy.  But you should see that thing. And I know this one is a little crooked, but I think it looks jaunty. And it's not often you get to use the word jaunty.

Anyway, Great Grandpa's beer stein sits on a shelf.  And, sometimes I wonder, did it sit on a shelf in his house too?  Or did he take it out and swing it around and sing fun songs while beer sloshed out the sides?

There are no nicks in it.  No cracks from clanking too hard after a rousing toast.  But, then again stoneware is some sturdy stuff.  On the other hand the thing is huge, so if he really did fill it up, there should be a nick or too.  Or, maybe Great Grandpa could hold his beer!  My husband suggested that he might have used it for special occasions.  I like to think he took out his stein and sat around with good friends telling stories and singing songs. Maybe the same stories they've all heard before and the songs they all love.  Do you have a special glass or a special toast for the good times?  Let's raise a glass, here's to yesterday!

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  1. A nice sentiment about yesterday and a beautiful way to remember your Great Granfather.It's a wonderful idea and so well illustrated. I have a favorite shot glass with the Mona Lisa on it. It is my souvenir from the Louvre, I thought it would be a fun way to honor great art when I toast. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.

  2. Cat, this is a great painting. LOVE your detail. :) Thank you for joining us!

  3. Nice combination of memories of yesterday and such a clean bright sketch. I love using marker pens, they do what I want, and yours did a great job! I like it.

  4. Well I'm with you on skipping the complicated version... This one turned out just fine and a bit of jauntiness is essential when talking about beer anyway...

    Have you ever been to the beer cellars in Munich? They are definitely jaunty places. Ein, zwei, zupper....

  5. It looks full of fun and I love the very realistic way you have painted it! Beautiful!

  6. Perfect for special occasions and beautifully drawn. Now I fancy a big jug of cold beer...

  7. Love the stein! Since living in Germany they have TONS at the thrift stores and such. I never really thought to think of how they were used by their previous owners. But, I am sure it's mostly funny.

    It is great to see Germans standing on the benches and swaying back and fourth, it has to be one of my most favorite things!

    I am loving your drawing! :)

  8. Ooooh I have one of those too it is green though! What a wonderful thing to draw.... hum just thinking about the strong beer inside makes me feel drunk :)

  9. I love your painting and checked out a few of your others for sale! Beautiful!

  10. I love this post! Great family stories and ponderings stirred together with a whimsical beer stein painting! Love it!

  11. Lovely drawing, good work with Copics! <3

  12. Great job. I wonder what stories it could tell. :)

  13. Lovely sketch! We have a stein, was given to us by our German foreign exchange student's father. It sits on a shelf! It depicts their home town. Maybe I should try to sketch it!

  14. Great scetch! It reminds me on those beersteins from my dad too, who sits on a shelf in out little house in the woods too...make me think of life is short and we have to enjoy every single moment :) xox Conny

  15. we do have some special glasses, though they are nothing as grand.. love your drawing of it... you have a great style...xx

  16. Great job on that beer stein. Beautifully rendered! I love how you imagine your grandpa toasting and singing and telling stories...

  17. I love this drawing. I went to Germany in the 1960's when my sister got married and my father was stationed at Ramstein AFB. We went to a rathskeller in Munich, the famous one under the glockenspiel and all the waitresses were wearing dirndls and carrying three immense beer steins at once!

  18. Love your painting. I know a lot of people here in Germany who have beer mugs like that on their shelves, but I have never seen anyone use one! Valerie

  19. What a wonderful image of your Great Grandpa enjoying a beer with friends, laughing and loving life! ;D
    Your sketch is beautifully bright and cheerful.
    I'm away now to try to start a drawing myself...thanks to your inspiration. :D

  20. the stein is great and your post makes me smile with memories myself! Thst's when you know you created something special, when it evokes emotion in others!
    cheers, dana

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