Wednesday, October 30, 2013

garden, flowers, birds, copic markers, ink, art, Cat Beringer

So, it's been awhile!!  The last time I blogged I was whining about lack of sleep and bad weather. Which is pretty much where I am right now.  BUT!!!  The summer was so beautiful.  Sunny, blue skies... I get misty just thinking about it.  Excuse me while I go fix my mascara... In fact, I'm a teensy bit remorseful for all my whining about the snow in May and the never ending rain that followed in June.  Because I learned the most amazing thing. Gardens like water.  (Who knew? Amirite?)

Okay, gardens liking water is hardly a revelation.  But, I am a lazy gardener.  I live in the midwest where we expect long periods of little rain.  So, when I planted my garden I stuck to drought tolerant plants.  It's great because I get to be lazy and call it eco-friendly.  I get to feel all kinds of superior about not watering my plants.

So, it was a bit of a shock when everything finally dried out, to go outside and find out that all of my plants had virtually tripled in size.  Some of my plants did not consult with their garden center tags, because they were significantly larger than they were ever supposed to get.

Which leads me to today's drawing.  My boxwoods were huge!!  They had totally exploded and were now smothering the flowers that had originally been planted in front of them. (Not under them..,)  They looked like they had eaten some Wheaties and downed some Tang and now they were going to crawl on their nonexistent bellies to the safety of midwest summer sun.  We are flowers who have finally been watered!  Hear us roar!!  (Even if we are trapped under this overgrown bush and can't exactly replant ourselves...)

So, that's me. I've been gardening all summer.  Soaking up the rays of sunshine and dreaming ways to bottle it up.  What's up with you?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Do owls get insomnia? Sketching some company

owl, insomnia, sleep, sketch, draw,
Owl sketched in copic markers and micron pen.

Nobody is sleeping much at my house.  It's finals week, so my kids are up studying (or worrying about studying.)  If they're not sleeping, I'm not sleeping.  I'm too busy worrying about them not sleeping.  It's the height of productivity around here. 

I know some of you are thinking, at least your kids are older.  They're not babies.  They're older.  They can take care of themselves.  Spoiler alert.  It's worse.  The stakes are higher and you miss the days when you fretted over whether they should "cry it out" in their cribs.  Back then, you had the option... It seems extravagant in its simplicity.

And no one ever says to you, "Oh you have teenagers, how are you sleeping?"  the way people will say to parents of newborns.   I think it's because they assume you've gotten used to the sleep deprivation by now.

So, I drew this owl to keep me company while I toss and turn. Only, she looks a little sleepy too.  I offered to make her some chamomile tea, (That's right. Now I'm worried about the owl not sleeping.  I can't help it. It's reflexive.)  But, she just looked at me with those big owl eyes, sighed, and said, "Oh honey, if chamomile tea worked, do you think I'd be up?"

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Raccoons have more fun, sketching the wild life, Creative Tuesdays

raccoons, sketch, drawing, raccoon, art, funny, hear no evil,
Sketching thieving raccoons in copic markers and micron pen for the Creative Tuesdays theme Trio.

These raccoons are indulging in the opposite of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.  Because raccoons are shameless.  I like to think I have strict rules about anthropomorphizing animals in my art. (However, the fact that in a recent post I stuck party hats on bluebirds probably weakens my argument substantially....) Animals should be drawn they way they are.  With their natural character shining through.  (As in, pants on monkeys really freaks me out...)  But, I'd swear I drew this sketch from a photo reference (if only it were true) because raccoons are up to no good.

I'm pretty sure the raccoons who invaded my trash can last night were familiar with their reputation, because they stuck to their thieving script.  I'm pretty sure they discuss their plans over a late night games of poker and low balls of whiskey.  It was just that coordinated.  They had clear roles.  The kind of roles that develop after years of working together.  Evaluating what works and what doesn't work.

The small one leaps on top, the pudgy one (clearly the leader) pushes from the bottom.  The nimble one slides through the lid and starts passing the good stuff out.  I can't be sure, but I think the leader might have had a pinky ring.

It was lightening fast.  I'm pretty sure they had pillow cases for their haul. They have left their mark. The remaining trash is arranged suspiciously like a smiley face. 

Until next raccoons, until next time!

Monday, May 20, 2013

White Peony in a Jar

Peony sketch done in pencil, copic markers, and micron pen.

You know summer is underway once the peonies start to bloom.  They haven't shown up here yet, but they are one of the first flowers to arrive.  Peonies are so beautiful, they are like the champagne brunch of the garden.  They don't last long, but they sure do make a statement. 

I don't have much to say about peonies.  So, let's talk about brunch.   There's so much more to say about brunch, don't you think? Although I don't much care for champagne or even mimosas, (I love the idea of mimosas, I'm just consistently disappointed in the taste.) I love fancy brunch food.  Especially buffets. I am a sucker for eggs benedict and Belgian waffles.  And, any occasion that gives me the opportunity to eat both of these at the same time is one of jubilee. 

Of course, the strategy of fancy brunch is to load up on cut fruit.  But, that never works.  I love fruit, but I can get cantaloupe at home. Instead, I load up on the little desserts and cakes they serve in miniature white cupcake wrappers on silver trays.  Visit the omelet station.  It's important to make sure those guys with the tall paper chef hats don't get lonely.

I can't remember when I had an occasion to attend a fancy pants brunch, but I'm guessing that's probably a good thing.  Fancy occasions that require stretchy pants should probably be rare.